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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Boel Beats Bendy Banana Ban

Curvy cucumbers and nobbly carrots will be back on sale in Irish shops from next July, after the European Union yesterday gave the chop to "ridiculous" laws which banned them from the shelves. Irish grocers and supermarkets will soon be able to sell imperfect-looking fruit and veg, for the first time in 20 years. EU-wide marketing standards ensuring only the finest-looking produce reaches the shops were deemed rotten to the core by the EU’s agriculture commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel. EU standards stipulated the size and shape of 36 types of fruit and veg sold in Europe, from apricots to watermelons. Specific market rules are to stay in place for the 10 products which account for 75 per cent of EU fruit and veg trade – apples, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, lettuces, peaches/nectarines, pears, strawberries, sweet peppers, table grapes and tomatoes. But 26 types of fruit and veg, including artichokes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, onions, peas, carrots, plums, and ribbed celery will have their shape restrictions lifted. Commissioner Boel said: “Now household budgets are tighter and there is the problem of wasting food too, so it makes more sense than ever to allow people to buy mis-shapen fruit and veg if they wish.” Boel also strangely proclaimed that "...this marks a new dawn for the curvy cucumber and the nobbly carrot" Seriously!

P.S. In case your wondering what the hell this has to do with science, Agricultural Science is a REAL subject! (As for the title - we do love alliteration here at the Frog Blog)

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