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Monday, 1 March 2010

T Research - Spring 2010 Edition

The Spring Edition of T-Research, Teagasc's research and innovation magazine, is now available to download for free online. If you're not familiar with the publication T-Research "aims to disseminate to a wider audience some of the important scientific work being undertaken in Teagasc and in other collaborating research institutions". This edition features a host of great articles including a review of the impact of the economic downturn on part-time farmers, a look at a new vaccine system, details on Teagasc's new land cover and habitat maps and a great article on how researchers in Johnstone Castle (and their collaborators) are finding ways of protecting environmental water quality from microbial pathogens. I love this magazine, and find it incredible useful to show my Agricultural Science pupils that agriculture is a rich area of science. It's not just about "farming the land", but has a major effect on our lives. The work carried out by Teagasc is key to the future prosperity of the farming and food sector in Ireland. Click here to download the Spring 2010 edition of T-Research and see all previous editions.

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