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Friday, 25 March 2011

Biology Prize 2011 - Finalists

The finalists of this years Biology Prize has been announced. They are: Hannah Wentges (Magnetic Nanoparticles), Patrick McGonagle (Genetics & Homosexuality), Mimi von Blomberg (The Three Gorge Dam and its Environmental and Biological Effects), Rab Sheeran (The Black Mamba and the Effects of Neurotoxin Venom), Aoise Keogan Nooshabadi (Allergens) and Robbie Hollis (The Panda). The finalists will now have to present their special topic in a seven minute presentation in front of an audience of their peers, their teachers and a special guest judge. This year's special guest judge is Aoife McLysaght, a Lecturer in Genetics at Trinity College Dublin.

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