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Thursday, 1 March 2012

St. Columba's Biology Prize 2012

Applications for the St. Columba's College annual Biology Prize are now open. This years prize will be awarded based on an essay competition. It couldn't be simpler. Find something interesting from the world of biology (we mean anything) and write a 500 word essay on it (500 words is a maximum, not a minimum). The best essays will be interesting, entertaining, personal, unique yet informative. As always, plagiarism will not be tolerated (avoid Ctrl V & Ctrl C altogether) and, if possible, all essays should contain references to text / websites consulted.

Essays can be based on any area within biology including, but not limited to, botany, zoology, bacteriology, virology, mycology, anatomy, physiology, cytology, biochemistry, biotechnology, neurology, medicine, genetics,  ecology, bio-geography or embryology. A selection of the best essays will be published on the Frog Blog. Click here to see some of last year's entries.

Applications by email to Mr. Jones on or before March 30th (loads of time). Sadly, only pupils from Forms IV, V & VI (and from St. Columba's College) can apply.