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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Irish Science Magazine - Walton

Ernest Walton is one of Ireland's greatest scientists and our only scientific Nobel Prize recipient. He received the award in 1951 for his ground-breaking work in artificially splitting the atom in the early 1930's - the first man to do so. It's fitting then, that Ireland's newest magazine publication - a dedicated science and technology mag - bears his name. 

'Walton' is an impressive new science and technology magazine created by a group of young Irish scientists from a variety of backgrounds; engineering, chemistry, biology and maths. It's first edition has just been released and contains some excellent articles exploring the latest in Irish and international science news. There is an exposé on the humble spud from Communicate Science's Eoin Lettice, a review of the sometimes exorbitant costs associated with scientific endeavours, an analysis of the effectiveness of Project Maths while Maria Delaney from ScienceCalling.com outlines how the Science 140 project created 'A Neutron Walks Into a Bar...' book. There are also articles on the coldest place in the universe, why the sky is blue and the history of piracy. 

It's a great read and something which I can see evolving in the future (as so often these things tend to do). I must commend the young scientists on their ambition and great work in bringing their idea to fruition. Walton is released seasonally with the first edition available to view online for free. I'm already looking forward to the next edition.