YouTube Saturday - History of Life on Earth

The Crash Course YouTube channel is one of my favourites and it continues to expand. This video is an excellent introduction to ecology for Transition Year or Leaving Certificate Biology and the first in a series of 12 videos in an ecology playlist (many of which are also suitable for Junior Cycle Science). The videos are hosted by Hank Green and, although sometimes a little manic, they entertain and inform. Check out their other playlists too - on Biology and Physiology & Anatomy (which are probably more suitable for senior pupils).

This particular video explores the history of life on Earth. While knowledge of the history of life on earth is not specified within the Leaving Certificate Biology syllabus, the video can provide a lot of context to evolution, classification and ecology. It is certainly something that can be explored in more detail in Transition Year science.

Suggested Classroom Activities:
  1. Watch the video and complete this worksheet.
  2. Create a poster on the timeline of life on Earth.
  3. Research and discuss the theories on how life began on Earth.
  4. Using 'PicCollage', create a photo collage of the various periods of life on Earth (uses Google Images to find suitable photos).
  5. Using 'ThingLink' annotate your photo collage to create an interactive timeline.
Curricular Links: Transition Year Science, Leaving Certificate Biology, A Level Biology, GCSE Biology, Junior Cycle Science

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