The Frog Blog is a website created by Humphrey Jones and Jeremy Stone, science teachers of St. Columba's College, Dublin, Ireland. It aims to provide an online tool for the promotion of science within our school, and across the country. While it is designed for the pupils of St. Columba's, we hope it has wide appeal. The blog is frequently updated with science news stories from all over the world and contains a wide range of articles in a wide variety of subjects, from astronomy to technology to zoology. Please spend some time searching the site - we're sure you'll find something of interest to you.

We welcome everyone, child and adult alike, to comment on any of our stories. We find blogging a most enjoyable experience and recommend it to any teacher in any school in any part of the world. We're often asked why the blog is called the Frog Blog. I wish I could tell you some really interesting story, but essentially there are two reasons. One, frogs are brilliant! And two, frog rhymes with blog. And then, of course, isn't education a "metamorphosis" of sorts!

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