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Keep up the excellent work, gentlemen. Love from your long-haired arty poetry-type colleagues over on SCC English.
John Deasy said…
I've been following your website for some time now, with my students. I'm a science teacher in Galway City and am so impressed with what you have done. Its amazing really. Well done to all involved, especially the students who contribute essays and projects.
Margaret O'Neill said…
Hi Humphrey. Your blog is brilliant and keep it up. I always knew you'd go far!
Your favorite student... said…
Fantastic articles keep getting produced here on a regular basis and its great that your making the most out of the site instead of putting it all down in books! Keep up the good work jones!
Anonymous said…
How do you find the time to do all this stuff. Brilliant!
Anonymous said…
Hi Humphrey,
Loving the web site man, I especially enjoyed your vivid description of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibition. Thinking of taking up crochet myself.
Best regards,
Simon Lewis said…
I am so impressed. This blog really has a great mix of everything. Well done to all involved.
Unknown said…
Hi there,
Great website. We are setting up a science website in our school and Ive been looking at yours for ideas and inspiration. It's great. Well done.As biology teacher, I escpecially love the link to the BBC nature U tube website.
Will be back to show my students:)
Unknown said…
Science teacher in training (NUIM) and just came across your blog through your mention of science apps!!! this is defo an area that interests me and i just got the apps.
Eoin Lettice said…
Keep up the good work Humphrey. Brilliant stuff lately!
catherine steacy said…
hi humphrey, came across your blog in the last few weeks. very good
Helena Tubridy said…
Some thing just get better.. I so enjoy a browse on your vibrant informative, friendly site.

I get notifications through linkedin...great picture!

All the best,
Philipp W. Schumacher said…
Congrats to ure splendid blog. Its looking really good and it is very informative. Im looking forward to visiting the school some time soon.
All the best to you guys! Keep it up!

P.S. Greets to Dr. Singleton.

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