The KidWind for Schools Project

Teachers! Do you want to be able to learn more about wind energy and turbines? Do you want new and exciting ways to teach wind energy to your pupils? Well, the KidWind for Schools Project is a free five day workshop aimed at training both primary and secondary teachers to teach their students about wind energy using a more interactive and hands on approach. The program is aimed at teachers of science, mathematics and geography although others may attend. Training for teachers is delivered as a five day course covering theory and practical wind energy topics at the appropriate level so that they become confident in delivering courses in wind energy to primary and second level students.

Workshops focus in on specific lessons from blade design, basic turbine system concepts to wildlife impacts, economics, and more including

  • Energy concepts
  • Renewable energy
  • Wind energy history
  • Wind turbine technology
  • Wind farms in Ireland
  • Power and energy in the wind
  • Wind energy environmental and economics impacts
  • Blade and turbine design
  • Power output
  • Generators &  motors
  • Experiment - Classroom Projects (build a model turbine using classroom kit)

The course is being hosted by Dundalk IT and starts on Monday 15th August. The course is limited to just 15 places. For more information click here, click here for a copy of the registration form to email Johanna Cafferkey to book your place

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