ISTA Conference - 20 iPad Apps for Science Teachers

A special welcome to those directed here from my presentation at the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) Conference in the Old Chemistry Building of Trinity College Dublin. For those of you not attending, today I am giving a presentation at the conference on the use of iPad applications in the science classroom - outlining the 20 apps that you may find useful. Some of the these apps are specifically science focused, others are aimed at teachers and students while some apps are simply brilliant and deserve a mention. I'm cheating a little too, knowing that many of you don't have iPads. So I've sneaked a few apps below which have associated websites or can be used on iPhones, PC's or MACs. Below is short description and the links to the iTunes Store for each of the apps I featured in today's talk. The majority of the apps featured today are free.
  1. Prezi Viewer - An exciting presentation tool, Prezi can help end "death by PowerPoint". (FREE)
  2. Pocket Body - An Irish app, exploring the muscular system of the human body. (€23.99)
  3. Pocket Heart - An interactive human heart, again Irish made. (€5.99)
  4. Stellarium XL - An extremely powerful virtual planetarium. A stunning app. (FREE)
  5. Elementals - A cute introduction to the Periodic Table - perfect for the little 'uns. (FREE)
  6. Physical Science Glossary - An interactive glossary containing loads of animations, videos on matter, energy and change. (FREE)
  7. Virtual Heart - A simple app to explore the internal structure of the heart and heart beat. (FREE)
  8. Xperica HD - An interactive virtual lab, this excellent app can be used to introduce some practical physics experiments. (FREE)
  9. Dropbox - A must have app. It's a memory stick you don't have to carry around with you! Visit to open your free account! (FREE)
  10. QuickOffice (€15.99) - Produce and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint files. Links with Dropbox & Google Docs.(FREE)
  11. Scan - One of a number of QR Code reading apps, allowing you get to a website quickly without having to insert the url. (FREE)
  12. Rat Dissection - Does exactly what it says on the tin - an interactive rat dissection! Wonderful. (€2.99)
  13. Pocket Universe - This excellent app is wonderful for exploring the night sky and our solar system.
  14. Human Body - DK - A wonderful app exploring the various body systems(€5.49)
  15. Edmodo - A social network or Facebook for teachers, students and parents. Teachers can create a group for their class, share resources, make online tests, submit homework and partake in polls or discussions. Visit to set up a free account, (FREE)
  16. Particle Zoo - A fun list of all the subatomic particles. (FREE)
  17. ShowMe - Turn your iPad in to an interactive whiteboard! (FREE)
  18. Urinogenital System 3D - Explore the urinogenital system in 3D. (€2.39)
  19. Science 360 - Explore a huge library of science images and videos from the excellent Science 360 website. 
  20. The Elements - My favourite app for science - an amazing interactive periodic table, beautiful and powerful. (€10.99)

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