HAPPY Times at Science Gallery

Science Gallery's newest exhibition, HAPPY,  opens today, continuing their ambitious and stimulating programme for Dublin City of Science 2012. The gallery's exhibition space will be transformed in to a working lab during the next five weeks, featuring a series of unique exhibits / experiments, exploring your happiness from the TCD School of Psychology. Over the next month or so, visitors will become test subjects, exploring the causes, correlations and consequences of happiness "through a living psychological laboratory". 

Amongst the exhibits are "A Good Looking Laugh" - a computer based experiment testing what turns us on, "A Matter of Pride" will explore just what is means to be Irish and if our national identity contributes to our sense of satisfaction, "Fair's Fair" aims to find out if our mood can change the meaning of a word and "Working it Out" will ask visitors to video their positive meanings of their work. Of course there is loads more too! 

Of course, the busy Science Gallery team also have a great range of activities coming up during the coming weeks to compliment the exhibition. As part of their SFI Speaker Series, the curators of HAPPY?, Ian Robertson and Malcolm Mac Lachlan, will talk about their work in the field of psychology, the experiments they are leading in the current exhibition, and the science of happiness. On May 4th, Rob Ince comes to town, giving his "Happiness Through Science" lecture - fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! And also, on May 9th, join the Newstalk Science team for the first of the 'Future Proof at the Movies' series, where geneticist Kevin Mitchell will host a Q&A session on the brilliant sci-fi movie GATTACA (personally one of my favourite movies). And if that's not enough for you, join Professor Adrian Furnham (of University College London) speaking about ‘Happiness and Emotional Intelligence’ on May 16th. Visit the Science Gallery events page for the full programme of events for HAPPY.

It looks like May is going to be another brilliant month at Science Gallery!

Image: Science Gallery

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