The Frog Blog is Back!

After over five years in hiatus, the Frog Blog is back! We've a new design and a slightly new focus. The new Frog Blog will still feature "short and snappy science articles" but we will make greater efforts to make the posts more relevant to science teachers and their students (we still hope the general public will enjoy the posts too). Where possible, the articles will link to the Junior and Senior Cycle curricula, across all the sciences but probably with a greater focus on Biology. Posts will, again where appropriate, feature a list of keywords and phrases and suggested activities for students and teachers. We want our posts to provide a gateway to further learning, through further independent research and investigation. We hope the new Frog Blog will provide teachers with additional tailored resources for Junior Cycle Science and the new Senior Cycle curricula coming down the road.

We will adapt and republish some posts from the archive to match our slightly new focus. We will also revive some of the old blog features, like 'YouTube Saturday', and aim to host guest posts from the vast pool of talent teachers across Ireland.

We've published our first new post already - check it out here!

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