Recommended Apps - DK: The Human Body

The Human Body is new app for the iPad from DK Multimedia - brilliantly presenting the inner workings of our bodies using detailed, accurate yet accessible text and stunning illustrations. Specifically designed for Apple's iPad, The Human Body contains over 270 specially-designed full colour and zoomable high resolution images, detail on 12 body systems, 99 story pages with illustrations, explanatory text and annotations, 4 stunning videos showing key processes in the body – the beating heart, inflammatory response, conception, and nerve impulse – each with detailed captions as well as a 3D rotatable human body with selectable layers.

Highly recommended for teachers, pupils or the general public, this app is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about how the body works - right down to a cellular level. It doesn't come cheap but I believe the €10.99 will be money well spent! (I've been using it in class over the past number of weeks and find it very useful for introducing a topic or giving a brief overview of a system). For more information or to download  DK: The Human Body visit the iTunes Store.

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