New Drama Investigates 'Stopping the Spread of Superbugs'

How can you stop the spread of harmful superbugs? The Society for General Microbiology are taking a novel approach to teaching the public about exactly that in an interactive hospital based drama coming to the Convention Centre Dublin in March. Stopping the Spread of Superbugs is described as a "fast-moving, hospital-based drama" where the audience are encouraged to get involved and question the experts! The play investigates how two hospital cleaners deal both personally and professionally with the outbreak of a superbug and see Dr Anthony Hilton guiding the audience through the scientific and ethical issues faced by infection control professionals and patients alike.

This play is directly aimed at secondary school students (and of course the general public) and tickets are completely free!! (You don't hear that very often). Tickets can be booked in advance here or at the door on the night. The event takes place in the main auditorium of the Convention Centre on Wednesday March 28th at 6:30pm! Be there and bring your face mask and disinfectant!

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