YouTube Saturday: Food Lab @ Science Gallery

If you haven't had a chance to visit Science Gallery's tasty new exhibition EDIBLE yet, get thee down to "Ireland's new science hub" now! EDIBLE is the gallery's first "foray into food", tackling the "vast topic from the perspective of the eater, probing how our actions as eaters shape what is sown, grown, harvested and consumed". The most interactive exhibit at the event is Maria Phelan's FOOD LAB and this week's YouTube Saturday video gives us a flavour of what to expect!

"Food Lab provides a flavour of the biochemical processes involved in human gustation, consumption and digestion. Test out your taste buds with a tongue map and take a closer look at life maintaining macro-nutrients on a microscopic scale. Investigate how digestive enzymes in saliva can break down starches into sugars needed for energy. Find out what the average slice of bread or a potato contains and what this means in terms of nutritional support for the body. Explore the chemistry behind using yeast in baking, the science of preserving food or the role of ethylene gas in food decomposition. Food Lab plates up an interactive experience that assesses appetite regulation and food perception, from the initial aroma of a tasty morsel to its final digestion and assimilation into the body."

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