Science in the City Festival Kicks Off!

Dublin's Convention Centre hosts the Euroscience Open Forum next week and to celebrate the city is hosting a ten day festival of science! Science in the City kicks off tomorrow and brings together a wide community of cultural institutions, organisations and individuals who are passionate about showcasing the best of science, arts and culture in Ireland. The festival will host a range of events for all and will showcase the joy of discovery, and wonder of science through creative channels. 

There is truly an innovative and jam-packed programme of science themed events for all the family on offer: including photographic and art exhibitions; several theatre pieces; film festivals; tours, trails and treasure hunts; science buskers; large-scale interactive installations; experiments; public talks; debates and workshops. Some of the highlights include:
  • July 5th to 14th - UCD Imagine Film Festival - an exciting programme of events and screenings at dynamic locations throughout the city.
  • July 5th to 8th - IFI Family Festival - An Irish Animation Trail throughout 3 cinemas at IFI to raise young people’s awareness of the process of animation itself, encouraging them to ask questions such as: How is it done? Who are the animators? What technology do they use?
  • July 8th - Science, Art and Submarines - What happens when an artist plays with science? And hangs it in a museum? And an art expert walks into it? And falls over? Who picks it all up and how exactly does a hoover work? These and other questions will be thrown up in the air at IMMA on Sunday 8th July. 
  • July 10th - FameLab Science Olympics -   11 young scientists from all over Europe compete in a hectic science communication competition - with each delivering a short 3-minute pieces on science and sports – expect to hear anything from fuzzy logic in football to how the brain recognizes the body of the sprinter is moving.
  • July 12th - What is Life? - A 21st century perspective - Dr. J. Craig Venter, a leading scientist renowned for his contributions to genomic research, will participate in one of the greatest science events in the 21st Century when he delivers a lecture titled “What is Life? - A 21st century perspective” The lecture will update the Irish event that inspired the discovery of the structure of DNA. 
  • July 13th - Dara O’ Briain presents The Age of ReasonDara Ó Briain and a panel of thinkers take sometimes a humorous journey through logic, reason and scientific thinking to see how their use solved problems in the past. 
  • July 12th & 13th - Mini-ESOF: This event features NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and scientist Dr. Eric Karsenti who will give young people the opportunity to hear about their work. The events are kindly hosted by law firm Matheson Ormsby Prentice as part of their MOP Giving Programme. 
  • July 14th - The Dublin Mini Maker Faire - an independent day-long community event where all kinds of “makers” get together to showcase their work. Science Gallery will be host to Dublin’s first ever Mini Maker Faire on Saturday 14th July. 
  • July 14th · Icarus at the Edge of Time - A futuristic reimagining of the classic Greek myth set in outer space, about a boy who challenges the awesome power of a black hole. Icarus is adapted by physicist and founder of the World Science Festival Brian Greene and Tony-Award winning playwright David Henry Hwang from Greene’s young people’s book of the same title, and features an original orchestral score by Philip Glass, performed by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Coorey, narrated by actor Louis Lovett and a film directed by innovative, cutting-edge British filmmakers Al+Al. 
  • July 7th to 22nd - Big Science Weekends - Ever wondered how we breathe? How our bodies fight infection? How food gives our body energy? How we grow? Find out the answers to these questions and more while engaging in some fun, educational and occasionally gooey experiments, as we explore the “Science of Life” at Imaginosity.
There is simply a brilliant range of activities on offer and there is something for everybody. Get yourself to the city and experience the magic of science! For the full Science in the City programme click here or visit

Image Credit: Imaginosity

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