Focus science magazine in the Library

The monthly science magazine Focus is produced by the BBC, and is full of well-written and nicely illustrated articles on topical science and technology issues. There is quite a journalistic spin to the way issues are presented, but the underlying science is pretty sound.

Features include a monthly round up of science ‘stories’ from around the world – which is a good way of keeping in touch with what is going on, and always provides an interesting snippet or two. There are always stunning photographs and a range of major articles each month e.g. the effect of eating cooked meat on human evolution, climate change and its implications for temperature and rainfall in the British Isles over the next 70 years (both in the November issue), the story behind an 800 metre high skyscraper planned for Dubai, and a stunning photo-essay on the Libyan desert (both in the June issue). There is also a quirky “your questions answered section”, and many short reports and articles on a whole range of topics.

In SCC current issues are held in the magazine racks (behind the dictionaries in the main Library), and past issues are archived in a box at the end of the general science section (on your right as you enter the Library), just before Physics and Chemistry proper.

The next time you are in the Library with a few minutes to spare – have a quick browse, you’re bound to come across something interesting!



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