Ten Recommended Apps for Science Enthusiasts

  1. Pocket Heart – A brilliant iPhone app, designed in Ireland, uses 3D animations to show the inner workings of the human heart. See www.pocketanatomy.com. Pocket Heart is also available for PC or MAC.
  2. The Chemical Touch – An excellent interactive periodic table for the iPhone and iPad. An essential for anyone studying chemistry. The full version also has a full catalogue of amino acids and nucleotides for those interested in biochemistry.
  3. Hubble - This iPhone and iPad application contains hundreds of stunning photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Explore the new worlds Hubble has discovered and learn more about astronomy. It’s free.
  4. Planets – Another app for the iPhone and iPad, Planets lets you explore the Solar System in 2D or 3D. Discover when you can see your favourite planet, and where to look in the sky in relation to the stars. It’s also free. Google Sky Map or Celeste, on the Android platform offer the same level of interaction.
  5. Science Glossary - This excellent iPhone app contains an extensive dictionary of science terms and phrases but also contains a brief biography of famous scientists. It’s also free
  6. Discovery News – A free iPhone app bringing you all the latest news from the Discovery Channel – again free.
  7. Mitosis – This app for the iPhone uses animations, videos and photographs to show you how plant and animal cells divide. An excellent application for those studying biology at any level and it’s free too!
  8. SciencePal - This app is on the Android platform and is actually of bundle of five apps for referencing a lot of your science needs. It includes Elements (an interactive periodic table) and The Solar System.
  9. Touch Physics – This addictive game, available on the iPhone, tests your knowledge and ability to manipulate the laws of physics in order to complete each round. Similar physics based games include Finger Physics, Angry Birds (one of the most downloaded apps in Ireland recently) and Saving Private Sheep for the iPhone or Space Physics on the Android platform.
  10. Speed Anatomy – This excellent iPhone app allows you quickly assess your knowledge of the human body.


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