NASA To Reveal "Astrobiology Finding" Today

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is due to hold a press conference shortly to make a statement about a new "finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life"! The news has caused a bit of a stir online with rumours spreading about whether they have found alien life on other planets. However, it seems that NASA is to reveal that it has discovered a bacterium living in a lake, rich in poisonous arsenic, near California's Yosemite National Park. The finding is important because the bacterium uses arsenic in place of phosphorus - an element previously considered vital for all forms of life. NASA is sure to assert that, if there can be life without phosphorus, then there are thousands more planets which could sustain life of some sort. However, no one is really sure what they are going to reveal and some believe they may reveal they have found bacterial life on Mars! No matter what the real story is, it's certainly fun speculating! Looking forward to the press conference and we will update you on the story as the news comes in.


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