Dublin City of Science 2012 - Call for Public Engagement Proposals

By now everyone should know that Dublin will stand proud as the European City of Science next year and will host the Euroscience Open Forum in July of 2012. Now Dublin City of Science 2012 have announced they will be compiling a year long programme of science events and are looking for ideas from the public and other bodies to fill that programme. They are looking for new and exciting ways to engage the public with the sciences, with events in all formats welcome. According to their guidelines proposals could be:
"... by way of promoting an existing or pre-planned event/activity/idea. It could be something completely new, something you’d like to develop within your own group / organisation / institution, or in partnership with others. We welcome activities in any format, indoor or outdoor, through the medium of theatre, film, exhibitions, workshops, debates, interactive dialogues, online events, etc. The list is endless!"
So if you have a great idea to engage the general public with science and wish to help promote Dublin as the European City of Science for 2012 visit their website and read the proposal guidelines. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year - a year long Science Week you could say! 


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