Irish Scientist Unearths T-rex Cousin

An international team of scientists and palaeontologists have unearthed a new species of gigantic theropod dinosaur, a close relative of T. rex, from fossil skull and jaw bones discovered in China. Led by UCD Scientist Dr. David Hone, the team published their findings in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research. The new dinosaur "Zhuchengtyrannus magnus", which means 'Great Tyrant from Zhucheng' is comparable in size to T-rex measuring about 11 metres long, standing about 4 metres tall, and weighing close to 6 tonnes. This new dinosaur is one of the largest theropod (carnivorous) dinosaurs ever identified by scientists. Theropods dinosaurs are known for their small arms, two-fingered hands and large, powerful jaws capable of bone-crushing bites. For more information on this story visit today's Irish Independent. Dr Hone also recently discovered a parrot sized theropod - read a previous Frog Blog post here.


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