New Science Gallery Exhibition - Human +

Dublin's Science Gallery's newest and most exciting exhibition of the year opens tomorrow and will run until June. Human + aims to explore the future for our species, through a series of evocative exhibits including the Human Pollination Project (which considers a future where humans may need to pollinate flowers instead of bees), Human Version 2.0 (exploring humanoids and our interactions with machines), Strategies in Genetic Copy Prevention (including a small selection of strategies of reproductive control that have been developed and used in modern times), Area B5 (which contains 60 robotic skulls with eyes which watch your every move) and Free Will (an experiment to explore to see if our willingness to take risks is predetermined by our genetics).

The exhibition is surely to be one of their most thought provoking yet and a massive hit with the Science Gallery faithful. But it is also likely to draw new fans to one of Dublin's most interesting attractions. Visit the Science Gallery website to check out Human + before you go and, as with all exhibits, Human + is free to the public!


It looks realy creepy...

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