Irish Science Blogs - A Working List

Good news!!! The number of science blogs in Ireland seems to be on the increase. This is a brilliant development and it is very reassuring to see scientists, researchers, students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science reaching out to the Irish public. However, since these blogs are emerging so quickly, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. So, in an effort to help Irish science bloggers network with individuals with similar aspirations (namely the communication of science - no matter what our target audience is) and to allow members of the Irish public find all these new blogs, I want to make a comprehensive list of all of Ireland's science blogs - both from individuals and organisations. Below is a list of 30 50 Irish science blogs which I am aware of (and their associated twitter accounts). If you are an Irish science blogger or know of another science blog out there, please add the address as a comment below. Once the list is complete, I think it would be great to have a "science blogger meet-up" to discuss the role of science blogs in science communication and to consider an idea I posted earlier in the year - namely the creation of an Irish science blogging network.

  1. Night Sky - Paul Doyle
  2. Irish Science - Shane O'Mara
  3. Mary Mulvilhill
  4. - DSE
  5. Science Spinning - Seán Duke
  6. The Frog Blog - Humphrey Jones and Jeremy Stone
  7. Geeky Pie - Lenny Antonelli
  8. Think for Yourself - Noel Cunningham
  9. PrimaryScience.IE - Forfás
  10. Frank Gannon's Blog
  11. - DSE
  12. Ian There - Ian Brunswich
  13. Science Gallery Blog
  14. UCD Science - UCD Science Librarians
  15. Communicate Science - Eoin Lettice
  16. James McInerney
  17. - DSE
  18. Life - Life Science Recruitment
  19. - Brian Christensen
  20. Irish Astronomy - Seanie Morris
  21. Antimatter - Cormac O’Raifeartaigh
  22. - Astronomy Ireland
  23. Physics at DIT - DIT Physics Department
  24. Seandalaiocht - Brian Dolan
  25. Think or Swim 
  26. Science Culture Bulletin - Mary Mulvihill
  27. Moore Group
  28. The Strange Quark (being relaunched soon) - Marie Boran
  29. Science Line - Cormac Sheridan
  30. Is This Going To Be On The Exam - Michael Seery
  31. Science Communication Review - Diarmuid Mac Mathúna
  32. BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition Blog
  33. Irish Environmental Network
  34. Deirdre Kelleghan - SkySketcher
  35. Wiring the Brain - Kevin Mitchell
  36. Armagh Planetarium Blog
  37. Robotics Club Blog
  38. Noel O'Blog - Noel O'Boyle
  39. Steve Flinter's Blog
  40. Science Chat - Seán Marshall (How did I forget this one?)
  41. Quantized Thoughts - Joe Fitzsimons
  42. Green Me Blog - Ian Gomersall and others
  43. Eco Art Notebook - Cath Fitzgerald
  44. Claire O'Connell's Blog (Again, how did I forget this one?)
  45. Inside The Brain, What Neuroscience Teaches Us - Professor Billy O'Connor
  46. UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science
  47. Archosaur Musings - Dave Hone
  48. The Science Bit - Dr. Brian Hughes, NUI Galway
  49. Science Calling - Maria Daly
  50. Writings and Musings - Conor Caffrey
  51. Three Men Make a Tiger - David Robert Grimes
  52. BEES Research Blog - UCC Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  53. Carpe Diem, Science - Pream Neote
  54. An Eye on Science and What Makes it Going - Stefano Sanvito 


@skysketcher on Twitter
Unknown said…
Thanks Deirdre - I follow you on Twitter but somehow I forgot to add you to the list!
Marie Boran said…
Apologies for the lack of well, blog, on my blog. It was attacked by malware so I've completely deleted it, have asked Google to recheck it as safe and it will launch again!

Marie :)
Colin said…
Count us in!
David said…
Maybe you could add our robotics club blog.

Thanks David
Unknown said…
Cheers guys!
marymulvihill said…
Hi Humphrey,

There's a couple of others on the blogroll I compiled a year or two back for:

it's down the right hand side of the page
But I think some of them are now dormant, me included, for the moment...

Mary M
Humphrey Jones said…
Thanks Mary, will check those out and add anyone's I've missed to the list. Once the list is up, we might look to have a meet up of science bloggers sometime in the new year?
Noel O'Boyle said…, Noel O'Blog, Noel O'Boyle (cheminformatics and open source chemistry)
Hi! You can also include me
conor said…
Would be like to be included.

drg said…
Hey Guys, would love to be included - (Science, medicine and media, Dr. David Robert Grimes)
Unknown said…
Stefano said…
I very irregularly update this one ...
infinity_speaks said…
Hey! I'd love to get in on this list! Here's my blog link:

and my twitter:


and my name is Pream Neote :)
Hazel said…
I'd also like to get on this list, I'm a zoologist and I write a nature/science information blog. Thank you. Hazel.

Here is my blog:

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