Irish Times BANG Returns for Science Week

The Irish Times brilliant science monthly for teens (and big kids) BANG is back, with a jam packed issue especially for Science Week. Learn about the science of Robbie Keane (from Claire O'Connell), how science catches criminals (by John Holden) and how elements are recycled in nebulae (from Dick Ahlstrom). Marie Boran talks intelligent machines and Aoife McLysaght (who visits St. Columba's this evening) asks "do you think you're special" now that you are just one in seven billion? There is also a brilliant series of photos from TCD Nanoscience research centre, CRANN, another slice of movie science - this time on Hugh Jackman's latest hit Reel Steel and a round up of some of Science Week's highlights. Most importantly don't forget to check out my own piece on "When will they invent .... Space Elevators?".

BANG is free in today's edition of the Irish Times and also comes with a brilliant double sided periodic table wall-chart (pictured above). On one side are graphics and information on each element and the other side has QR codes which link to videos on each element. A great addition to any bedroom or classroom wall! 

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