Recommended Websites: Learn.Genetics

Learn.Genetics from the University of Utah is a brilliant website for anyone who wants to learn more about genetics, genes and DNA. The website uses a series of interactive video presentations and animations to help you learn about the basics of cell biology and genetics including genes, chromosomes, variation, natural selection, protein synthesis and DNA. There is also a wonderful look inside the dynamic world of the cell and a brilliant animation to show how cells size up to other structures and molecules. The website also presents easy to read information on new areas of study within cell biology like stem cells, epigenetics, gene therapy, cloning and transgenic organisms. There is also a virtual lab, allowing the visitor carry out DNA extractions, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reactions), gel electrophoresis and DNA microarray. There is also a section for teachers containing loads of resources and lesson plans so that the website is best utilise in class.

All in all, Learn.Genetics is one of the best educational websites I have come across with loads of brilliant material for teachers of both junior and senior cycle biology!

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