Our New Pet!

The Biology Lab in St. Columba's College has a new lodger, a rainbow boa. Unfortunately, however, our new pet snake doesn't have a name yet. So we are launching a "Name the Snake" competition. All you have to do is come up with an imaginative name for the snake and explain (in less than 100 words) why you have chosen that name. Easy! Below, Tom Crampton (Form IV) explains briefly what a rainbow boa is and puts his suggested name forward:

"The rainbow boa's scientific name is Epicrates cenchria. It is known for its attractive iridescent sheen. They are found in South and Central America in countries such as Costa Rica, Venezula, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay to name a few. Despite requiring very specific humidity and heat conditions, this species is commonly found in the pet trade. During the 1980s and early 1990s, substantial numbers were exported from Surinam. Today, however, far fewer are exported and most offered for sale are captive bred. Younger specimens will often bite, but tend to calm down as they become more used to handling. I think a good name for the snake would be Jimmy."
I think Jimmy the Snake sounds like a serious gangster! If you want to enter, please send your suggestions to this email address: info@sccscience.com or hand it on a piece of paper to Mr. Jones. Good luck. Entries close on Friday 30th April. Of course, readers from outside the school community are also free to suggest a name for our snake.


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