Wild Journeys

Wild Journeys, RTÉ's most recent natural history series, promised to show us the remarkable migratory journeys of many of Ireland's native creatures - from the Humpback Whale to the Barnacle Goose. Aired over the past three Sundays, Wild Journeys brought these wonderful feats of nature into our sitting rooms, living up to their promise. Produced by Crossing the Line Films and shot in HD, this wonderful production certainly engaged my imagination. The excellent photography, along with the well structured narration, brought the stories to life (If being very critical, the narrator did not sound as passionate about the migrations as she should have and her voice has quite monotonous). The series was filmed over two years and engaged some of the country's top naturalists - their stories often as interesting as the animals. According to their brilliant website, Wild Journeys

"... features Ireland’s most heroic wildlife travelers and the incredible journeys they carry out every single year. From the 20,000 km flown annually by the Manx Shearwaters to the transatlantic voyages of our eels and salmon, ‘Wild Journeys’ follows these voyagers to the ends of the Earth, showing the extraordinary challenges they meet and the magnificent landscapes they visit en-route."
So well done to all involved. I only wish the series was a little longer - just three episodes seems a little short. I hope I don't have to wait too long for the DVD. If you missed the series you can view all the episodes on their excellent website (I'm not exagerating - up their with the BBC), which also includes information on all the animals featured in the series, some excellent photos, maps showing each animals migration, some video clips (please create a YouTube Channel if you're reading this) and even a kids zone. Click here to visit.


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