Rarest of the Rare

National Geographic have published a list of the 12 rarest animals on Earth. They include the beautiful Hirola, the mysterious Florida Bonneted Bat, the graceful Grenada Dove and (come on, what did you expect) the elusive Green Eyed Frog. According to their website, the Green Eyed Frog is:
"... a victim of the deadly chytrid fungus, the green-eyed frog (pictured) has plummeted to only a few hundred individuals in Costa Rica and Panama, according to the "Rarest of the Rare" report. Habitat lost to logging and deaths due to agricultural chemicals have dealt additional blows to the 2.5-inch-long (6.5-centimeter-long) frog. Breeding the amphibian in captivity may be the species' last hope, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society."
For more information and to see the complete list (and brilliant photos of the 12 rarest species) click here to visit the National Geographic website. (Photo above from National Geographic)


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