The iPad is Coming

Wow. The iPad is on its way and it looks like the next big gadget on the Frog Blog wish list. The iPad is a touch screen device, somewhere between a laptop and a smart phone. It will have a high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS display which will make it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or viewing photos. It is also only a half inch thin and weighs less than 1kg. It will be able to use most of the applications already designed for the iPhone and more. While you will be able to use an updated version of iWorks, Apple's equivalent to Microsoft Office, the iPad will more likely be for home and personal use rather than business. So is it just a large iPhone. Well according to reports, it's much more. I for one can't wait. For more information on the iPad visit Apple's website by clicking here.


I hope they have a small version then, so the Frog Blog can have a liliPad (sorry)

What a toy this is -- I would definitely like one, but the folks on Twitter didn't seem very impressed during the big roll-out. Perhaps the hype built expectations too high, but it does seem at first glance like the best of both worlds between a laptop and iPhone.

Now for the cost---
Unknown said…
I think it will be a great device for having around the house. You need to book the cinema, pass the ipad, booking a flight, pass the ipad! I don't think it will be a serious business tool, but saying that no one expected the iPhone to be the success it currently is.

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