Pupil Report - 4th Generation iPhone on the Way?

In our second iPhone related post in 2 days, Jack Dunne, Form IV, brings us news of the newest iPhone release.

Foxconn the makers of all Apple iPhones has reportedly received orders for the next iPhone. Omnivision the makers of the current 3.2 MP image sensor in the current iPhone, has apparently also received orders for 5MP image sensors. Also details regarding 32 GB memory and a ‘Digital Compass’ and ‘Touch Sensitive Case’ have been leaked. Unfortunately no details have been released by Apple for their latest offering so all that we can do is speculate. Members of the Mac forums suggest a 1GHz processor, larger resolution screen, 32 GB and 64GB memory, a front facing camera, an OLED screen similar to the new iMac one and maybe a full hardware QWERTY keyboard.

But all we can hope for is a breakthrough device unlike the 3G and 3GS models which were simply revised versions of the original iPhone. Speculated release date is Summer 2010.


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