Exam Reaction 2009 - Science & Biology

The reaction to this morning's science and biology papers has generally been positive. In the Junior Science exam, pupils found most questions quite straightforward, although some had problems with the electricity question in the physics section. The ecology question was received positively also. In the Biology paper, most pupils felt the exam was fair and diverse. Section A was very straightforward, as were the experiments in Section B. The longer questions in Section C were deemed very fair. There was a straightforward ecology question (although some felt that a reading comprehension on foxes would be more at home in an English exam). Respiration and photosynthesis were assessed within question 12 and again proved popular amongst the pupils - as did the straightforward question 10 which included genetics and evolution (which was expected considering the theory is 150 years old this year). Circulation and breathing were assessed in question 13, again with few complaints, while questions 14 and 15 had a good mix of topics from Unit 3. All in all, the paper was fair and most pupils are confident of achieving a good grade. Well done everyone!


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