CSPE Adopt a Polar Bear Project

As part of their Junior Cert. CSPE Action Project, Form IIIc is raising awareness about the plight of polar bears and their shrinking habitats. The project aims to raise money through a raffle to 'adopt' a polar bear with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Other aspects of the project have involved speaking to the whole school in chapel about the project, designing posters to publicise the raffle and the issue of climate change, communicating with the WWF about the adoption, a 'did you know?' fact leaflet and of course selling tickets.

Incidentally the draw for the raffle is due to take place before the start of our Christmas entertainment tomorrow night in the BSR...and last minute tickets will be on sale. For more information about the Adopt a Bear programme, click here. Why not give the gift of an adopted animal to someone this Christmas. Click here to see the wide range of animals up for adoption. If you adopt an animal, you get a cuddly toy, frequent updates about how your animal is doing and "loads more fun stuff".


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