Recommended Apps - Google Earth

Google Earth is a brilliant free app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android smart-phones (as well as your desktop). It has so many potential possible uses in the science classroom, when both used on hand-held devices or on PC's or Mac's. Explore the world's biomes, the oceans, track migrations of birds or whales, investigate the impact of humans on our planet and its other inhabitants or discover the features of the ocean floor. Use in the geography classroom to investigate the world's mountain ranges, continents, cities, river deltas and more. (Google has a page dedicated to using Google Earth in the classroom - click here). Google Earth's latest features allows you to track features of mountain terrain by swiping with two fingers and links to featured geo-located Wikipedia articles. Whether used in the classroom or not, it is an essential reference tool for your mobile device. To download Google Earth for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad click here or for Android click here.


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