Attack of the Mutant Penguins?

A mutant all black feathered penguin has been found in the Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. The "one in a zillion" penguin owes its colour to a mutated gene, which rather unusually has caused a full colour change. Below is a video from National Gepgraphic. Click here to read the full story.


Ninja penguin.

Can't help but wonder if he's aware of, or distressed by, his difference... or how he'd feel about being called a 'mutant'.

Thanks for the link; I'm off to read the full article --

Meanwhile I'm sure children's book editors around the world are braced for a tidal wave of picture book submissions titled something along the lines of "Blackie the 'Special' Penguin", who of course manages to use his 'specialness' in some way to save the glacierverse.

Aw, bless.
Unknown said…
You have me bowling over in stitches! Classic!
You can laugh -- but there are editors and agents crawling under their desks as we speak. I guarantee it.

(I have to go to writers' groups and workshops with these folks you know LOL)

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