Ireland's Science Blogs

Recently, Susan Carleton from the Stony River Blog published a list of her Top 25 Irish Science Blogs. Oddly, the list contained 27 blogs but we won't criticise one of our biggest fans! Below is her list, with a couple of additions from the Frog Bloggers to bring it up to a round 30!
  1. The Frog Blog
  2. Night Sky
  3. Irish Science
  4. Mary Mulvilhill
  6. UCD Science
  7. Communicate Science
  8. James McInerney
  10. Life
  11. Junior Cert Science
  12. Science
  13. Irish Astronomy
  14. Antimatter
  16. Physics at DIT
  17. Seandalaiocht
  18. Think or Swim
  19. Science Culture Bulletin
  20. Moore Group
  21. The Strange Quark
  22. Science Line
  23. Science Communication Review
  24. BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition Blog
  25. Irish Side of the Moon
  26. Irish Environmental Network
  27. Science Spinning
  28. Think for Yourself
  29. Primary Science .IE


You know, out of all my readers and visitors, you were the ONLY one to notice the two extra -- I was disappointed until you did!

Thanks for making it a nice round number.

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