Frog Blog 500th Post

In the 15 months since we began posting on the Frog Blog we now celebrate our 500th post. And, wow, what a journey this has been. The Frog Blog started out with a simple aim, to enthuse the pupils of St. Columba's College about science. Aided in its inception by Julian Girdham, our English Department colleague, we quickly became aware that this would be more work than we originally thought. However, it has proved far more rewarding than we could ever imagined. The blog has grown into a "monster", with daily posts, a Twitter page (over 270 tweets so far), a Facebook profile, a NetVibes page and even podcasts (or frogcasts as we so call them - new one coming soon!). We now reaches a much larger audience than originally envisaged, from the US to Australia. One might question how we find the time to do all this AND teach a full allocation of lessons? But we manage, just! But little things keep you going, a positive comment here, a nice little tweet there and even the odd accolade now and again (most recently we were nominated for an Irish Blog Award and earlier this year we were shortlisted for a Golden Spider Award - even got to don the ol' tuxedo!).

So thank you all for your support, especially our colleagues and friends (A massive thank you to Julian Girdham, who not only inspired us to start the journey, but was also the provider of much needed advice and technical support). Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to log in now and again. To mark this important stage in our development as a blog, we would like to give you a little extra froggage, a frog themed wallpaper containing many of the frogs we feature in our headers. So, hop to it and click on the image above to download! Thanks again!

Frog Bloggers, Humphrey Jones & Jeremy Stone.


Dan G said…
Congratulations on your endeavours - you have inspired a former colleague to start a similar venture across the big pond. Modeled on the frog blog, the Catlin Coverslip ( is in its infancy but aspires to meet similar goals. Keep up the good work!
Unknown said…
Cheers Dan. It looks great. Will put you on our links!! Keep up the good work - who knows we could form a transatlantic blogging partnership?
Dan G said…
I gave you a "shout out" on our blog to recognize your inspiration - we are some way short of your level of organization (and light years from Girdham-esque proficiency), but are trying to get more people involved.

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