Recommended Apps - Finger Physics

A few months ago we featured Touch Physics, a simple game testing your knowledge of the laws of physics, which you must use to solve a huge number of puzzles. Well now there is Finger Physics, another brilliant app for the iPhone and iPod Touch with a similar purpose. Finger Physics contains over 200 challenging levels in a variety of different games. In some levels you must construct a stable building using the different shapes supplied or build up to the line or guide an egg into a basket (shown over). Some of the levels are complicated by magnetic, explosive or floating blocks! It's very addictive and great for getting your brain working in the morning. A top rated app and a former number one in the UK and US iTunes charts!

To download Finger Physics for your iPhone or iPod Touch click here. For more information on Finger Physics visit their website here. To see all our recommended iPhone apps so far, click here.


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