Recommended Apps - Elements

Elements is a brilliant app for the iPad which lets you explore the periodic table of elements in a way you’ve never seen before. Using breathtaking design and animation, the building blocks of the universe are presented in a unique and engaging way. When you first open this periodic table, you are greeted with an animated picture of each element slowly spinning in its rightful place. Click on the element’s icon and you are brought into a full screen page of each element (as can be seen above with copper) with the icon rotating slowly. On the right hand side of this page are a series of facts and figures on that element, from the Wolfram Alpha search engine. Click next to further explore the element and find out its uses, its history and its future – all once again presented in a beautifully. Many of the element pages contain videos which graphically depict some of their properties and 3D images bring the app and the elements alive.

Elements is available to download from iTunes for €10.99 – which might seem a little pricey, but is a must for any science teacher, student or fanatic! If you want to try before you buy, visit the preview page on the Elements website. Elements is based on the wonderful book Elements - A Visual Exploration and the excellent photographic card deck.

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