Irish Times BANG Science Monthly #6

The latest issue of the Irish Times Science Monthly BANG  is out now, once again loaded with brilliant features on the world of science. Using the Science Gallery latest exhibition, HUMAN +, as it's inspiration, BANG looks at the future of the human species. There is a brilliant feature from John Holden on what humans will be like in 50 years, an excellent timeline on how we are becoming SUPERHUMAN, the science of Jedward, a career interview with Irish Times Science Editor Dick Ahlstrom, a look at Irish computer game developers Pop-Cap, more SCREEN SCIENCE and an interview with cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko. All the latest science news is DISSECTED by BANG reporter Claire O'Connell and Trinity College Genetics lecturer Aoife McLysaght asks "Are we slaves to our genes?" Frog Blogger Humphrey Jones continues his series of "Why Haven't They Invented ..." articles with a look at HUMAN TELEPORTATION.

BANG never fails to inform and entertain and issue #6 is another gem. Well done to everyone involved, particularly to BANG Editor Shane Hegarty. Check out BANG in today's Irish Times or on the Irish Times  Science website. You can also follow BANG on Twitter or Facebook. BANG will stop for the summer break but will hopefully return in the autumn.


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