Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize 2011

The Wellcome Trust, the Guardian and the Observer have launched an exciting new competition in an effort to find "the next generation of undiscovered science writing talent". They are searching for short articles, which can be focused on any branch of the sciences, that display originality and a distinctive writing style and that could be printed in their respective publications or displayed online. The articles should be no more that 800 words and should accurately reflect the writers passion for science and science communication as well as their skills in bringing their story to life and engaging their audience. The judges (which include Irish comedian Dara O'Briain) will be judging in two categories - professional scientists (which contain a postgraduate degree or above) and a non-professional category (which includes undergraduate students and anyone with an interest in the sciences). Applicants can not be professional writers (i.e. where writing is their main source of income) but bloggers, students or casual writers are welcome to apply. Articles, as mentioned before, can relate to any topic within the sciences. Applications from Ireland are also being accepted with the deadline for entries stamped as the 20th May 2011. For more information visit the Science Writing Prize website or submit an entry here.


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