Meteorite Fireball Lands in Ireland

A fireball, thought to be a meteorite, has been spotted in the night sky by people from all over the Ireland yesterday evening. Gardaí received reports of sightings from people all over the country, but is believed it may have eventually landed in Cavan. Astronomy Ireland reported on its website that a huge fireball was seen by thousands of people in Ireland on Wednesday evening. This fireball was a large rock - possibly the size of a car - striking our atmosphere and blazing into flames. The meteorite is of significant scientific interest and anyone who finds it is asked to contact Astronomy Ireland. Click here to visit their website.


Hey, I live in Cavan, way out west in it anyhow.

My kids are going to be terribly disappointed -- they're fans of Monsters v Aliens and my name is Susan, but sadly this time I didn't get hit and become 50 foot tall. Aw, so close!

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