New Peanut Allergy Treatment

BBC News reports that doctors in Cambridge believe they may soon have a cure for peanut allergies, outlining how the treatment could be available in two to three years. The news is based on a large randomised controlled trial (RCT) that is about to start. The research follows a successful pilot study of a treatment called peanut oral immunotherapy (OIT), in which allergic children are repeatedly exposed to strictly controlled doses of peanut protein. Its success so far shows that it has good potential and the results from the upcoming RCT are greatly anticipated.

However, it is vitally important that no attempts are made to replicate the treatment at home as severe allergic reactions can be fatal. If the treatment works it will be offered to children with peanut allergies in the safe and controlled manner that will be necessary for its success. It should be noted that this treatment is not a cure, and several unknowns need to be addressed, including whether this treatment works in adults and the nature of its long-term effects in children. Click here to find out more on this story on the BBC News website.


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