Mission: Science

NASA has just launched a new website aimed at teenagers. Mission: Science contains a huge range of information, activities, multimedia and more. The "NASA Science " section takes a closer look at our solar system, galaxy, our planet and the physics of space flight. There is also an excellent section called "Be a Scientist" where you can carry out a series of experiments, ask experts or look at the various careers within NASA. There are also a whole range of games and activities to get involved in. But my favourite is the multimedia section, which contains images, videos, photo journals, videos and loads more. This is one of the best educational websites I've seen in a while. Check it out! I know we're going a bit astronomy mad of late - but it's just so cool!


AUGH! I think I was born forty years too early. This looks irresistible. Thanks for all these wonderful links lately!
Unknown said…
I must say, this is one of the best sites we've linked to. Well worth checking out. Thanks again for commenting Susan!

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