Recommended Apps - Mitosis

Throughout my teaching career, I have always been a huge advocate of using ICT in education, while recognising its limitations too. I tend not to get carried away with the latest technology and spontaneously declare it the new best thing. Therefore, I am not going to get caught up in the debate that the iPhone (and the incumbent iPad), and the numerous applications associated with them, are the best thing to happen to education in years. However, some of the applications on offer do have significant educational potential and can at times be "fun". They will not replace teachers, or indeed teaching, but will provide another type of learning experience to enhance the education process.

Over the next few weeks I will write a short post on a few iPhone applications that I like, starting with Mitosis - a simple program which allows the user learn about the process of cell division by "directly interacting with the cell". The app contains a glossary of relevant definitions at your fingertips, and you can listen to a recording that describes mitosis while you follow along in the text. Best of all, Mitosis is a free app for your iPhone or iPod touch. Users can also assess what they have learned with a simple test. Click here to visit the iTunes Store and download Mitosis.


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