Science in Wax

The National Wax Museum, in their new home in Temple Bar, has just launched a new permanent exhibition: Science in Wax. The exhibition features some of Ireland's most prominant scientists and inventors including John Holland (inventor of the submarine, click here for previous post), Henry Ferguson or modern scientists like Aoife McLysaught. According to their website the exhibition features "live and interactive experiments, and displays of some of their greatest achievements. The interactive and touch screen technology helps bring this room to life, with real experiments and figures to examine and play with". I'm very much looking forward to visiting. It's great to see a new museum of scientific interest filling the void of the closed Natural History Museum (please re-open soon), although some of their exhibits are on display in Collin's Barracks in the "Dead Zoo at Large" expo. Finally, you can download a great wall chart, created by the National Wax Museum, on Irish scientists and inventors by clicking here.


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