Recommended Apps - The Chemical Touch

Everyone studying science, at all ages and levels, needs a Periodic Table at some point. So, here comes The Chemical Touch, a brilliant, easy to use Periodic Table for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The Periodic Table is truly brought to life with the app's excellent touch sensitive and colourful homescreen. Flick between each element's atomic mass, density, melting point, boiling point or even radii easily, with no fuss. You can also gain access to the Wikipedia site for each element via the app. All of this is available on the free version, The Chemical Touch Lite, and can be downloaded here. But wait, why not splurge out 79c for the extended version - it's worth it. The full version has a full database of amino acids and nucelotides - essential for anyone studying biochemistry or even Leaving Cert Biology. The full version can be downloaded by clicking here. An easy to use app for scientists of all ages! The developers website is available here and a full user guide here. One of the best so far! To see all our featured iPhone apps for science education click here.


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