Success for Form I Scientists!

Four members of the First Form spent a very enjoyable day last Saturday in Trinity College, taking part in the annual Salters’ Institute Festival of Chemistry. Philippa Carroll, Arthur Moffitt, Roman Sharykin and Aoife Smith gained second place in the ‘Salters’ Challenge’ – competing against teams from 17 other schools in an exercise involving paper chromatography and the identification of various mystery white powders by chemical means. The team correctly worked out from their analyses that the fictitious murderer in their puzzle was the cook!

After lunch the young scientists engaged in the multi-phase separation of a complicated mixture of chemical ingredients, and then watched a highly engaging ‘science show’ involving many loud bangs and unexpected colour changes (amongst other things). The team took full advantage of the opportunity to work in a full-scale university science laboratory, and enjoyed meeting and working with pupils and teachers from other schools. A big vote of thanks is due to the Salters’ Institute and to Trinity College Departments of Chemistry and Education for hosting us so well.


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