Wild Ireland & International Biodiversity Day

My sincere congratulations to The Irish Times on the production of the truly wonderful 48-page magazine, Wild Ireland, which was included free in today's issue. The magazine was brimming with wonderful stories displaying Ireland's natural riches, from city wildlife to the Burren's awe inspiring variety of plants, to the Kerry slug and to our coral reefs. There was even space for profiles on our only frog, newt, lizard and toad! Brilliant! (I also very much appreciated the complimentary copies that were sent to schools today).

The magazine was issued to celebrate International Biodiversity Day, which takes place tomorrow. Several events are planned around Ireland (and the world) but the hub seems to located within the excellent Science Gallery, in Dublin city centre. Click here to find out what is happening. Friend of St. Columba's, Karin Dubsky from Coastwatch is organising several events around Dublin and in the Science Gallery. Pupils from SCC are also performing in the Science Gallery, reciting poetry and singing! Enjoy and get exploring Ireland's biodiversity!


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