The Darwin Award

A Darwin Award is a tongue-in-cheek "honour" given for people who "do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the Gene pool", i.e., lose the ability to reproduce either by death or sterilization in a stupid fashion (un-natural selection so to speak). Although slightly morbid, the Darwin Award has been given to indiduals involved in many a stupid act. Examples of Darwin award winners include:

  • Juggling active hand grenades (Croatia, 2001)
  • Leaving a lit cigarette in a warehouse full of explosives
  • Jumping out of a plane to film skydivers without wearing a parachute (U.S., 1987)
  • Using a lighter to illuminate a fuel tank to make sure it contains nothing flammable (Brazil, 2003).
  • Crashing through a window and falling to your death in trying to demonstrate that the window is unbreakable.
  • Or our friend in the picture above who attempted to jump across a ridge in the grand canyon.
What can we say, some mothers do have 'em. Check out the website:!


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