How to Live Forever ..... by Alok Jha

How to Live Forever (and 34 Other Interesting Uses of Science) is an excellent new book from Alok Jha, the science and environment correspondent at the Guardian newspaper. This extremely well written book aims to compress "almost everything" you need to know about science in to 35 tightly packed chapters. Dealing with an assortment of questions, from the very small to the very big, the book explores the majesty of the universe, cloned sheep, alien worlds, invisibility cloaks, how the mind works, quantum weirdness, parallel dimensions and time travel. The book is well written and the content (which can be heavy at times) is brought to life with humour and a relentless pace. The book is available via Guardian Books or on Amazon. (For pupils of St. Columba's, How to Live Forever is now available in the library)

In addition to writing news and comment, Alok Jha also presents the excellent and award winning Science Weekly Podcast for the Guardian - check it out here or on iTunes here.


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